For those students who are in 7th and 8th grade, these years are the seminal years where advanced reasoning and logical thinking begin to develop and flourish with earnest. BestWay education believes in providing the right tools and the right environment for these students to stretch their academic skills.



  • Preview and review of current school curriculum according to the new California Common Core standards
  • Opportunity for students to master higher level math like Math 7/8 and Math 8
  • For IUSD students in 6th grade, we can provide support and vigorous practice for advanced placement testing to get into Math 7/8
  • Opportunity for previews of high school level math for the high-achieving middle schooler
  • Preparation and practice for the American Math Competition (AMC 8) for ambitious and high achieving 6th graders



  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading and Writing. BestWay Education believes in the development of reading and essay writing techniques and skills at this stage to prepare for the demands high school and beyond
  • Focused teaching provided by our Dr. Erich Conrad, Ph.D and various talented BestWay staff
  • We will have students read through the most popular classic literature ranging from the acclaimed novels like The Giver and classic nonfiction like Anne Frank‚Äôs Diary
  • Students will be able to actively discuss interpretations and write comprehensive responses
  • Students will also have the option to join our Speech and Debate club to enhance their public speaking and persuasive writing skills


Gifted and Competitive Testing

  • High achieving students also have the option of attending the Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs at Johns Hopkins University. BestWay will provide practice and mastery of the SCAT entrance exam
  • BestWay will also provide students who wish to enter into esteemed private schools or boarding schools with the right tools to prepare for the SSAT or the ISEE