BestWay Education believes in establishing the fundamental skills and knowledge a young student will need in order to begin their incredible academic journey.


BestWay Education offers focused care for Kindergarteners to Sixth graders in Math, English, Science, Standardized Testing, and Competitive Academics





  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading and Writing. BestWay Education believes in the development of reading and written analysis skills early on in a student’s academic career
  • Focused teaching provided by our Dr. Erich Conrad, Ph.D and various talented BestWay staff
  • We will have students read through the most popular classic literature ranging from the Newberry Award winning books to nonfiction like Anne Frank’s Diary
  • Students will be able to actively discuss interpretations and write comprehensive responses
  • Foreign students will also have the opportunity to expand their English knowledge with our dedicated staff


Gifted and Competitive Testing